I am the Stein Rokkan Chair in Comparative Politics at the European University Institute, in Florence.  

I am a Fellow of the British Academy, and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

My main areas of research and teaching are comparative, European, and EU political behaviour and institutions – in particular parties and party systems, public opinion and voting behaviour, electoral systems and the design of democracy, and legislative behaviour.

The Green members have agreed to join the coalition with SPD and FDP. The coalition agreement will be signed and Scholz will be elected Chancellor this week. This also means that Germany will have a new government before the Netherlands despite going to the polls 6 months later. https://twitter.com/ChrFeld/status/1467850985032888325

Christian Feld@ChrFeld

Ergebnis Urabstimmung #Grüne: Ja 61174 Stimmen = 86% (125126 Mitglieder waren aufgerufen, 71214 Stimmen abgegeben) #Ampel

Among world leaders Angela Merkel certainly stood out for her integrity. Domestically her policy record is mixed at best. As I wrote for the Washington Post a while ago, she and her party have been the main obstacle for progressive change in Germany.


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